Re: Idle chatter about reference models

Thu, 19 Nov 87 00:36


I view EGP, GGP and HMP as Management protocols - for which await
the Management Addendum etc to the OSI model now nearing draft standard
status. The OSI model deals with issues for host-to-host open
interworking. 10 years ago network providers were seen to be large
public utilities that would resolve their internetworking problems
in their private club (=CCITT). The world and technology has moved on,
other (many) network providers are a reality. Hence the OSI model must
now enbrace the concepts of management in a more public way.

Your diagram might mislead the reader into thinking that internetworking
is not an issue in ISORM. The network service is the Global Network
Service and contains all conforming interconnected ISORM subnets.

I do not consider it a sensible question to ask which layer a specific
management protocol is in. Rather it stands off to one side as an
application (maybe using the full stack of protocols for some part of
its job - access to a directory service?) while supporting a layer
in providing its service.

ISORM may be applied recursively, direct or indirect. In my own work
I have used the X25 VC service as a point-to-point link to connect
an IP gateway to a host. The usage as an on-demand point-to-point
link has considerable economic and time savings when that usage is


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