Re: Telephone Access Controllers (TACs) and SLIP...
Wed, 18 Nov 87 10:21:26 -0800

Methinks we should solve this once and for all, one way or another.
Otherwise, we're doomed to resurrect the same problem set every six
months until eternity.

As I've said before, I believe in having fixed addresses attached to
dialup clients. Password protection seems adequate authentication.

The typical riposte comes from someone who wants to have lots of PCs
attached, and doesn't want to have to pass out authentication and
address information (and update it and manage it and so on). I
sympathize, and haven't yet been inspired to find a middle ground
(though I'm not convinced it's as big a problem as some would have me believe).

People in this building are using dial up SLIP from home computers. At
boot time, the home machine dials the IP server and logs it with a
login name derived from the home machine's host name. The server now
knows the client's name, and all is happy, with no real protocol added
to SLIP itself. This seems to work just fine for our situation.


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