Re: RPC/NFS over IP Routers

Ron Natalie (
Wed, 18 Nov 87 09:14:59 EST

Rutgers runs NFS file systems through I/P routers. The ones we
are currently using are from cisco, but what I have to say should
be true for any manufacturer. We bridge both Ethernet to Etherent
and Ethernet through T1 line to Ethernet. The fileserver on the
far side of the T1 line from the rest of the network has it's own
local paging area and root and usr, but gets a lot of the users'
home directories from NFS mounts.

We limit our NFS configurations by the following parameters:
1. No paging or root access through the gateway. Every workstation
either has local disk, or is on the same Ethernet as a file server
providing these.

2. The rsize/wsize parameters in the NFS mount need to be cranked down
a bit or else wierd (NFS Server not responding/OK) symptoms arrive.


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