nameserver on Suns

Doug Peterson (
Wed, 18 Nov 87 08:32:59 EST

Has anyone out there had any experience with Sun's nameserver?

It would be useful to know things like:

        1. Can I set this up and try it WITHOUT affecting the way things are done presently? There's no reason that the user community
           should suffer.

        2. What can I expect to happen when I start up the deamons?
            (Whch daemons are necessary and sufficient?)

        3. How can I tell if things are working (or not)?

        4. Is it possible (advisable) to put up parts of this, or should
           it be done all at once? I envision something like "rlogin host"
           would query some designated nameserver for "host's" IP address.

        5. What else is necessary to get sendmail to query the nameserver?

Thanks in advance.

Doug Peterson
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