Re: Solicitation for comments

Lixia Zhang (Lixia@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Tue 17 Nov 87 10:30:20-EST


The discussion of using source routing in an internet env. has been going on
here and there for a long time. I used to joke with friends that my
religion on internet routing is "source routing". (I also have religions
on other network issues: the religions on congestion control, on protocol
layering, etc.)

I'd like to know more about what thought you have behind the proposal. Are
you proposing for a short term fix, or for some long term goal?
One should realize that employing source routing may imply fundamental
changes to the IP network architecture. Besides that the whole current
routing architecture will be changed, source-routing on every single
datagram may also cause unbearable overhead. I believe the changes will
eventually come; the question is when and in what form.

One comment on your last sentence: the source routing idea in your msg is
NOT very similar to MAC Layer 802.5 bridge routing proposal. In the latter,
MAC Layer bridges have no topology info at all; every single host (in fact,
its data link layer) is responsible to find out routes itself.


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