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Paul Tsuchiya (
Tue, 17 Nov 87 10:06:37 EST

It is a little hard to comment on your proposal since you did not
state what the advantages of doing source routing are. There have
been several advantages put forth in the context of multi-path
routing and TOS routing (BBN has worked on this). Some others believe
that it is useful for threading ones way through a thicket of
administrative restrictions on paths, but I have yet to see a
solid proposal on the idea.

Also, the similarity between what you propose and the 802.5 source
routing seems to end at the simple fact that they both put source
routes in their headers. Using SPF to calculate the headers and
using what 802.5 are two completely different things. I don't understand
all of the details of 802.5, but I understand it is really badly done.

Ultimately, I don't have my mind made up one way or the other about
source routing--I guess it rather depends on the specific proposal.
So I put it back to you, what do you consider to be the advantage
that causes you to propose it in the first place?

Paul F. Tsuchiya The MITRE Corp. 7525 Colshire Dr.

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