Re: Telnet options

Mark Crispin (MRC@PANDA.COM)
Mon, 16 Nov 87 08:13:23 PST

Arun -

     I have never seen those Telnet options, but I may have an explanation.
The DEC-20 Telnet service as distributed by DEC (and earlier versions from
BBN) has a number of bugs including some which may cause incorrect Telnet
protocol to be sent. I wrote a long series of fixes for these bugs, but to
my knowledge only STL-HOST1, SIMTEL20, and DREA-XX are running the full set
of fixes. Other sites are running earlier, half-assed versions of these
fixes or none at all.

     Most unfortunately, the authors of certain programs have decided to
exploit certain of these bugs to intentionally send Telnet protocol from an
application without Telnet service being aware of it. It's partially
because of this problem that I've been unable to convince Stanford TOPS-20's
to adopt these fixes.

-- Mark --

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