Re: ARPANET<->MILNET problems

John Owens (
Mon, 16 Nov 87 10:32:43 EST

>I have had a very similer problem making contact to a host inside
>of the berkeley network. Same horrible round trip times and
>loss rates. It puzzles me because our contact with ucbarpa and
>ucbvax (both arpa sites) is fine, but the contact with the site
>inside the berk-net is rotten.

>Perhaps related: I also have not been able to make contact with
>univ. of Wisc hosts, yet have easy contact with
>(again directly on the arpanet)

It definitely looks like a routing problem, since the networks you
can't reach (internal campus networks) have high numbers, and the
hosts you can reach are on the low-numbered ARPANET (10). It's as
if the core gateways are only keeping routes for a certain number of
networks. (Possibly the ones you can't reach are in the new second
fragment of the EGP update, as mentioned earlier....)

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