Re: Wanted: TCP/IP source

Mon, 16 Nov 87 12:00:36 est

>From suneast!hinode!geoff@Sun.COM Thu Sep 10 13:38:53 1987

You need to talk to us about PC-NFS. It provides:

Transparent file sharing using NFS, currently supported on Sun,
 Pyramid, VAX and many other systems.

Transparent print service, including access from existing applications.

Telnet, FTP, rsh and rcp utilities.

Use of TCP/IP over IEEE802.3. Ethernet cards supported currently are
 the 3Com 3C501, U-B NIC and Micom-Interlan NI5010; others are to
 be added in the next release.

There is also a Programmer's Toolkit which provides full emulation
of the 4.2BSD network programming environment (TCP & UDP sockets)
plus Sun RPC/XDR and Yellow Pages.

Geoff Arnold
PC-NFS Architect
Sun Microsystems East Coast Division
2 Federal St.
Billerica MA 01821

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