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14 Nov 87 20:22:33 GMT

In article <In article <309@clan.UUCP>, In article <309@clan.UUCP>, eugen@clan.UUCP (Eugen Bacic) writes:
> I am also looking for the source for a complete PD TCP/IP implemention.
> I would appreciate any information anyone regarding their experiences
> with Phil Karns implentation.
> Eugen Bacic @ ..!utzoo!dciem!nrcaer!clan!eugen

I am VERY interested in getting this type of software also. I want to try
to hook up some of the less expensive Ethernet boards (ie. Western Digital)
to other machines running TCP/IP, RFS, NFS, etc.

If you have any software / technical notes / books / RFCs / etc. to point
me in the directions please mail them! Or tell me where / how I may obtain
them. (If they are books and you have the ISBN # handy, please include it.
That makes ordering books MUCH easier!)

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