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13 Nov 87 14:13:40 GMT

In article <12348296366.8.BILLW@MATHOM.CISCO.COM> BILLW@MATHOM.CISCO.COM (William Westfield) writes:
>Is there any interest in a TAC like device capable of running SLIP
>(Serial Line IP) on its terminal interfaces ? As I currently
>envision this, each serial line could be a logical host when acting
>as an IP device, and just a normal port when acting as a terminal.
>This might provide some performance improvement over things like
>kermit for downloading/uploading files....
>Bill Westfield
>cisco Systems.

  This is a subset of the idea of an "async gateway processor",
which is a small, general-purpose computer gutted to run several
gateway programs.

  A plausable set might be:
        IP to ordinary ttys (ie, normal TACyness)
        IP to SLIP
        TCP/IP telnet/TACyness kermit (recent large-block kind)
        TCP/IP telnet/TACyness to MNP (a mostly-transparent modem protocol)
        TCP/IP telnet/TACyness to X.pc (if you feel masocistic)
  A good cantidate for such a machine might be one of the
"unix-like" small realtime systems running on mas-market hardware.


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