Re: Idle chatter about reference models

Sun, 15 Nov 87 17:47:11 -0500

To throw mny two cents in...

I think HMP isn't "in the stack" at all, in the sense that it is NOT part
of a user data communications activity. HMP is an application top level
protocol, between an entity at one end, i.e., the monitoring/management
operation, and an entity at the other end, i.e., the piece of code down within
some computer somewhere that is watching the activity within that computer
and interacting with the management site. IN other words, the participants
in HMP are just like any other network users such as FTP or a data query
and retrieval system; it just happens to be the case that their activity is
associated with the operational management of a communications system. Consider
for example if an HMP-like protocol were used to monitor the CPU-load and
disk-activity of a distributed collection of Unix systems, i.e., like
a constantly running remote "dpy" or "ps". In this case it's pretty clear that
the protocol between the players is an application in itself; HMP differs only
in that it is looking at the operation of components of a data communications


PS to Dave Mills -- I do "read the mail" on the list all the time, just
a little slow in diving in.

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