Re: Telephone Access Controllers (TACs) and SLIP...

Chris Torek (
Sun, 15 Nov 87 02:20:44 EST

        From: (David Wasley)

        ... The protocol would be to "log in" to the system (validation
        and all that) and be given an IP address & mask for the duration
        of the session. After that, it is all IP until carrier drops.
        Is there a well defined, documented protocol for this initial

Not as far as I know; but I had something like this in mind when I
rewired Rick Adams's version of SLIP for 4.3BSD. That is why slattach
waits `forever' in a sigpause(): to find out about carrier loss. If
you are a client of some dialup IP server, you might want to redial

(Those of you with 4.3BSD source can look at /usr/src/etc/slattach.c to
see how the attach works. It should be easy enough to write dialup and
protocol code that would run first.)

        How would you deal with dynamic name/address mapping?

I will leave this one for others.


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