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In article <4652@amd.AMD.COM> nguyen@amd.AMD.COM (Quinn Nguyen) writes:
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>> As most people know their are a couple ethernet standards, Version 1,
>> Version 2 and IEEE 803.2. When one installs a new ethernet board
>> ...
>> The question: What is the difference between the versions and what
> ...
>Other issues are device to device line static isolation, ground,
>etc. which are not relevant to transceiver connection...
>in term of functionality.

However if you interpret "functionality" to include "does it function",
then the other issues are very relevant. We have had the experience
where a IEEE 803.2 transceiver would work, but a Version 2 transceiver
would not work. The difference apparently was in the shielding and
extra pins used in the connectors for the shielding. From my description
you can tell that I do not understand the problem very well and would
appreciate a reference to the complete differences (if it exists).


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