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Ernest Woodward (ihnp4!chinet!nucsrl!ernie@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
11 Nov 87 14:52:45 GMT

> / nucsrl:comp.protocols.tcp-ip / (Phil R. Karn)
> / 10:27 pm Nov 4, 1987 /
> Lately I've noticed some rather persistent routing connectivity problems
> in the Internet. Many destinations fail to respond to packets sent from
> hosts on bellcore-net (128.96) but are shown to be up when I initiate
> connections from ipswitch. A given host can be unresponsive for days.
> ...
> I suspect the problem is related to the inability of many gateways to
> handle ever-larger EGP updates. ...
> I increased the size of
> MAXPACKETSIZE in defs.h from 1006 to 2048 and recompiled. The problem
> has not recurred. I suspect that there are many other gateways out there
> with the same problem; what can we do to get them fixed?
> Phil
        I have had routing problems for the last two weeks and failed to
understand why my egp neighbors could not assist me in routing. I believe that
the above information on my EGP implementation may be the problem. I am also
trying to implement gated, and it may be important to check that it also uses
an appropriate MAXPACKETSIZE. I am still testing routing daemons to determine
if the MAXPACKETSIZE was the root of all my problems over the last two weeks.

        The moral of the story is that I would like to see information like
that presented by Phil distributed in the same fashion as the updates on the
SRI host tables. All ARPANET host administrators might need this information
and I am not sure that all of the administrators have access to USENET or have
registration on the comp.protocols.tcp-ip mailing lists. Or, those on the
mailing lists/USENET might not get as lucky as I and notice this important
information amongst several other articles.

Ernie Woodward
Northwestern University
Academic Computing and Network Services

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