Re: Is there an EGP that is available?

Philip A. Prindeville (PAP4@AI.AI.MIT.EDU)
Fri, 13 Nov 87 22:45:25 EST

    Date: 6 Nov 87 11:43:58 GMT
    From: steinmetz!vdsvax! (Bruce G Barnett)
    Subject: Is there an EGP that is available?

    If we wanted to run EGP (External Gateway Protocol) on an Internet/mail
    gateway for the purposes of dynamically finding routes to other
    machines, where do we get this program?

    Is the source available?

    I know that Sun sells it with their DDN SunLink product.
    What about Ultrix/4.3bsd?

    What are the other protocols available - and what do people recommend?
        Bruce G. Barnett <barnett@ge-crd.ARPA> <> <barnett@steinmetz.UUCP>


EGP is not a routing protocol. It is a `reachability'
protocol. There isn't sufficient information in EGP
to avoid certain routing pitfalls, like looping...

I believe it is FTP'ble either
The archive is called "gated.tar", and is in the
/pub directory.

The source is in the public domain (I think).

It should be the most current version. Also,
Phil Karn recently found a minor patch for it that
he claims avoids most of the ARPAnet trauma seen
in the last few weeks, when EGP packets are fragmented
and/or excessively delayed.

His posting was also on TCP-IP.


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