Idle chatter about reference models

Michael J. O'Connor (
Fri, 13 Nov 87 20:53:39 EST

Caveat: Since this is idle chatter (see Subject:) the words martian, bogon,
        fuzzball, and playpen will not appear in the body of this message.

        My office-mate just received a colorful poster from CMC comparing
a seven-layer DoD Internet reference model to the seven-layer ISORM. I've
attatched a little chart comparing those two RMs to the old four-layer
ARM [1] for the idly curious.
        The most glaring oddity (aside from typos and a cute phone number)
is the depiction of EGP, GGP and HMP as Transport layer protocols. When I
expressed my surprise at this to my office-mate he wanted to know where they
did belong (magic-marker in hand). My instinctive answer was that EGP and
GGP belonged in the Internetwork layer and that HMP belonged in Massachusetts.
        Since I'm just a hanger-on in this field, I was wondering to which
layer the protocol police would assign EGP and GGP (and their descendants).
I would also like to know if the aforementioned ARM has ever been supplanted.


1. While displaying an affinity for M. Padlipsky's naming scheme (RFC871),
   the four-layer model to which I refer is the one described by B. Leiner,
   et. al. in "The DARPA Internet Protocol Suite".

Application Application Application
Transport Transport Service
                Internetwork Internetwork
Network Network Network
Data Link Data Link
Physical Physical

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