Re: smtp on Symbolics lisp machines

David S. Hayes (pitstop!sundc!hqda-ai!
13 Nov 87 18:17:37 GMT

In article <In article <353@vilya.UUCP>, In article <353@vilya.UUCP>, rhk@vilya.UUCP (KENSICKI) writes:
> Does anyone have any expierence running tcp on Symbolics 3640's
> and 3675's ?
> It seems that the Symbolics doesn't follow the format of
> smtp and usr a CR NL at the end of a line.

     I did this here. The SMTP works fine, but the Unix machines
in general are botched. The Sun, in particular, sends newline
(LF) at the end of line. The Symbolics obediently sat there and
waited for a CR LF combination, which the Sun never sent.

     The fix was to add "E=\r\n" to the on the Sun.

     Beware of the Symbolics store-and-forward mailer. This
system believes that if you have a Symbolics user "chris", then
every "chris" in the world is just another name for your local
user. I could not get around this - I had to tell the Symbolics
machines that they did not have store-and-forward, but the Sun
did. I also set all-addresses-forward. The Symbolics then give
everything to the Sun, which is smart enough to get it to the
correct machine.

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