RPC/NFS over IP Routers

Fri, 13 Nov 87 19:06 EST

Does anybody have any experience, rules of thumb, guidelines, etc, about
running the Sun NFS/RPC protocols over an IP gateway/router (e.g.
Bridge GS/n) over a long haul line of any speed (T1, X.25, 9600Baud,
56Kb line, etc)?

The configuration that I am dealing with is a large central site that is
the main file store, with a number of PC's as work stations. Access to
the file store (VAX 8xxx) will be by RPC/NFS. Some of the alternatives
that we are looking at are using MAC level bridges to connect the
Ethernets and using a *big* machine to act as a file stager at the
remote Ethernet (e.g. a Sun) and doing some form of program driven file
transfer from the VAX to the Sun and then RPC/NFS from pc to sun on the
local net.

Please send any replies to me. I will post a summary in a couple of
days if there is enough.

Thanks Frank Kastenholz ATEX Inc.

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