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13 Nov 87 16:47:38 GMT


    A couple of weeks ago I posted a query about what the absolute best
case for tcp-ip throughput on a 10 Mbit/sec ethernet was. I didn't get many
responses, but I'm very grateful for those that did reply (Thanks!).

    The numbers are pretty good, but for comparison purposes keep in mind
that these are best case numbers and also make note of the processors on
which the measurements were made (since processor speed is the dominant

From: David Robinson <>

The best I have personally seen is between two Sun-3/260's doing
memory-memory transfers is 3.2Mbits/sec. Their UDP topped out
at 5Mbits/sec. This was on a fairly quite net, rwhod and routed
traffic only. From my experience excelan boards have been the
worst, slower than my lowly Sun-2, but what can be expected from
a 80186??

I do not know what the limiting factor of the Sun's is by I suspect
that it is CPU bound, the e-net controllers each have large
memmory buffers (256K?).

        -David Robinson


Better performance for ethernet is not that likely until someone
builds a better interface card. Thats the current bottleneck.
If you go to other media, say pronet-80, or hyperchannel, you
can get much higher rates. we were seeing up to 17mbits/sec over
hyperchanel, proteon claims over seven for their ring. I
would guess with performance tuning, those numbers will
increase. (We might even do some here.)


From: (Bill Nowicki)

Disclaimer: this is NOT an official number, just my latest test in an
uncontrolled environment with an unannounced software configuration.
But between a pair of Sun-4/260s I am able to transfer with TCP over an
Ethernet at 5.0 Mbits/second.

        -- WIN


  Thanks again to David, John and Bill!

  The next article should be a follow-up query.

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Rice University

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