Tektronix 6130 bugs

Terry Slattery (tcs@USNA.MIL)
Fri, 13 Nov 87 11:56:53 EST

        We have a Tektronix 6130 here at the Naval Academy. Unfortunately,
it seems to have some interoperability problems with regard to the ethernet.

It has its own nameserver which doesn't seem to know about RFC 882
domain nameserver operation and domain style names. It falls back to reading
/etc/hosts for systems not running the Tektronix nameserver. The manual
        Only the following characters are allowed in a
        hostname: letters (upper or lower), digits, underline
        _, or minus sign -.

Does anyone know of a real fix for this?

We have also had problems with rwho and ruptime, among others. Is anyone
successfully using a Tek 6130 in an internet environment?


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