Brian Kantor (brian@sdcsvax.ucsd.edu)
13 Nov 87 14:50:33 GMT

We've come to the conclusion here at UCSD that a few of our mailbox
handling problems can be solved by using the nameserver system on
campus as a method of maintaining and distributing a sort of global
mailbox mapping table. Clearly something of this nature was intended
when the MAILB, MB, MR, MG, and MINFO stuff was designed into the
nameserver system.

Yet I can find no solid suggestions for use, nor any mention of actual
implementations of these features. The early domain RFCs mention the
possible uses, but offer no practical suggestions nor do they really
define the semantics of each of the possible mailbox RRs. RFC974 also
denies any specification.

Is this uncharted territory? Have others used these RRs?

I'm in the process of hacking them into the Berkeley Unix MTA -
sendmail. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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