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10 Nov 87 19:56:52 GMT

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        Mitchell Tasman (g-tasman@GUMBY.WISC.EDU) writes:
[discussion of the behavior on "host down"]... a daemon
| should immediately close the associated TCP connection.
| With an 1822 Distant Host connection to DDN, this may be a fairly
| reasonable approach. However, a typical DDN connection of late has been
| X.25 or HDH. Here, "host down" may have a more transitory meaning: simply
| that there was noise on the host access line. The remote host may well
| reappear with all TCP connections intact.

  My experience with short-haul or secondary nets has been that
there are two distinct kinds of events which TCP might regard as a
"host down".

  One is a real host-down and the other is the aforementioned QRN
(noise) on the line. The latter is particularly annoying on what is
supposed to be a low-error medium...

  Methinks that TCP is being a bit pessimistic: IP is not supposed
to be error-free, and I suggest that TCP may be misinterpreting the
errors which a short-haul network seems to love to produce as a more
serious and long-term event than it really should.

  Could map or someone comment?

 --dave (on the other hand, i could be biting my foot) c-b

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