Re: TCP-IP in the Public Domain?

James B. VanBokkelen (JBVB@AI.AI.MIT.EDU)
Wed, 11 Nov 87 12:57:50 EST

The specifications are all public domain. There are implementations for
a number of different machines and operating systems that are P/D. I don't
know of anyone who is actually running IP on Arcnet, but I know someone
who is trying to write a driver for one of the P/D IBM PC packages. He
is (Philip Prindeville).

You can get the specs, and a list which includes almost all the P/D code
and most commercial products, over the ARPAnet from the machine SRI-NIC.ARPA.
Use FTP, login as "anonymous", the specifications are in RFC: and the
Vendor's Guide is in NETINFO:. If you don't have ARPAnet access, the
documents can be ordered on paper from SRI in Menlo Park, CA, or the
Defense Technical Information Center in ?Alexandria? VA. For someone who
doesn't know much about TCP/IP, get the "DDN Protocol Handbook", which
costs a little over $100 (but is 6 - 8 inches high).

Will someone who has the whole address and phone number handy post it?


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