ICMP redirect messages. How to send ?

Carlos Mendioroz (atina!mrecvax!tron@uunet.uu.net)
9 Nov 87 16:21:41 GMT


  We have just installed a second ethernet interface on a uVax II running
ULTRIX 1.2m and we would like to use it as a gateway between them.

  So far, so good. The problem is that the rest of the machines on both
nets don't support the route protocol (/etc/routed) but they understand
ICMP redirect messages, so the solution would be that the uVax sends
such messages for the machines to update their route tables.

  Has anybody done such a thing ? Is there any program that uses the raw
socket interface from where I can start doing it ?

Thanks in advance.

-Carlos Mendioroz <-Carlos Mendioroz <tron@mrecvax.UUCP>
  UUCP: {uunet|pyramid|utai}!atina!mrecvax!tron

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