Re: Telephone Access Controllers (TACs) and SLIP...

David Wasley (
Mon, 9 Nov 87 22:23:43 pst

I have a very strong interest in such a thing. I envision it as presenting
host addresses on a single subnet to the various ports. The protocol would
be to "log in" to the system (validation and all that) and be given an IP
address & mask for the duration of the session. After that, it is all IP
until carrier drops. Is there a well defined, documented protocol for this
initial dialogue? How would you deal with dynamic name/address mapping?
I can see dynamic registry with a DNS, and timeout/de-registry. But what
about the email relay that wants to deliver to me and must be told that
I've just connected? (This is one reason I want real, secure validation.)

If such a thing existed, I can see supporting a "rotary" of 64 ports (min)
for general campus network access here. They should run up to 64Kb/s.
The line protocol should be SDLC with a well defined IP encapsulation
so my PC, uVax, MAC-II, or SUN can implement it. Etc. It should have logging
of course...

Maybe all this is obvious. Maybe there is one out there?? I haven't seen it.
(Yeah, we could make one, but I'd rather see a standard product :-)

        David Wasley
        U C Berkeley

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