Re: Ethernet Bridge

Stuart Levy (
Mon, 9 Nov 87 12:08:26 CST

We have GS/3's, and I've never seen them exhibit this problem.

I just ran an Ethernet trace to make sure. A pair of GS/3s
running software version 11000 (connected by a 56Kb line, though that
shouldn't matter) just passed a 1064-byte IP packet without fragmenting
(or if it was fragmented over the line, the receiver reasssembled it
before sending it on the Ethernet).

The older software, version 10000, did have a different problem with
IP fragmentation. It didn't -cause- any packets to be fragmented.
However, if the original sender had already fragmented an IP message,
the GS/3 would only -transmit- the first fragment. They made us a patched
version of the software (called 10019, I think) to evade this problem.
I don't think the current 11000 release does anything wrong in this regard.

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