Sys V Streams TCP

Dave Crocker (
26 Oct 87 11:05:00 PDT

The Wollongong Group did an implementation of TCP for Sys V.3 Streams,
for AT+T. AT+T sells the sources to the operating system, including
the TCP.

Separately, we also offer source code.

In addition, we have TCP for the Microport streams, running on an 386/AT.
"Standard" SLIP is not in the current code, but I have already added it
to our list of items. (We have a proprietary version of a slip, but it
makes no claim to superiority, just independent development.)

Overall performance of the code seems quite good. (However, since it is
not yet a released product, I don't think that it is reasonable to cite

Dave Crocker
VP, Software Engineering
The Wollongong Group

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