TCP/IP for IBM AT (in Turbo C)

Amit S. Joshi (phoenix!
26 Oct 87 05:30:47 GMT


I have a question and some (hopefully) useful info.

First the info: I have managed to port Phil Karn's KA9Q TCP/IP package
to Turbo C. The advantage ? There is now absolutely no assembly code. It
is now entirely in C (of course Turbo C). Anybody who is interested should
get in touch with me. NOTE: I have not tested the functions that were provided
I needed the code to use it as a fast communications backbone to a simulator
being built here. I am pretty sure that the layers are working till TCP
and hopefully the others work too.

The question: Do the Packet Radio people have some policy on how thier code
gets distributed before and after modifications. If so who should I get
in touch with or would the relevant person please let me know what I am
supposed to do.


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