Re: On broadcasts, congestion and gong

Mon, 26 Oct 87 2:47:54 EST


Routing tables do bristle on the NSFNET gateway critters. Scott Brim
at Cornell is the brushman. Hans-Werner Braun has many cans of paint
for the brush as well. Bruised linkabit-gw is not the only stalwart
for the flood - cu-arpa, psc-gw and the twin Maryland gatekeepers
also stem the flood. Should you ask them for routing details, I suspect
they would volunteer at least 76 trombones.

Hosts that gratuitously offer to function as gateways are probably the
single most dangerous and destructive animal that the Internet has
ever seen. I can't even begin to boggle on the waves of destruction
4.2/4.3 systems have caused in the name of that disease. This is not
to impune 4.2/4.3 systems themselves, just the wisdom, or lack of it,'
of gratuitous packet transport without care for the awful damage
that can occur.


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