Re: PC-NFS NET PCNET command

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26 Oct 87 02:10:28 GMT

In article <>, jpt@UMN-REI-UC.ARPA (Joseph P. Thomas) writes:
> My PC-NFS V2.0 manual says that 'net pcnet [ on | off ]' allows
> PN-NFS to run simultaneously with the IBM PC Network Program.

It's actually a small performance issue. We tried installing PC-NFS in
a PC and then running the IBM PC Network Program (talking to a Sytek
card) on top of it. The PC Network program thinks that the PC-NFS
drives are local PC disks, which allows it to publish them to other
nodes on the PC Network and gateway through to the NFS world. It turned out
that the PC Network program did certain directory searching operations
in a rather unusual way that caused us to flush our own directory search
cache rather faster than usual, slowing down directory searches on the PC
Network clients. We added some code to our own directory search logic to
cater for this; since it was sub-optimal for other applications we added
the NET PCNET ON|OFF feature to toggle its use.

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