problems with IMP connection hanging

Charles Hedrick (
Sat, 24 Oct 87 21:54:01 EDT

For the last several weeks (since the upgrade in the software
in the Arpanet PSN?) we have been having trouble with our IMP
connection hanging. This problem has also been observed by a
site in California. They have been told by NOC that they are
the only people with such problems, so they should assume it is
bad hardware. In order to help prevent us and NOC from going
off on a wild goose-chase of this nature, I'd like to hear
whether any other people are having similar problems. The
symptom we see is that no traffic is flowing. I confess that
in the past I have not been watching carefully enough to observe
the states of all of the lights, but I believe everything is
normal except that we are simply not seeing ready for next
bit from the IMP. Our configuration is
  ECU with local connection to IMP (Arpanet IMP 89)
  ECU at our end connected to Cisco router, using ACC Multibus 1822 card
The configuration has been troublefree for quite some time before
this set of problems began. We have been able to reset it at times
by pushing the reset button on the ECU at our end, or by issuing
a softwre reset to the ACC card (simulating more or less what happens
when the machine powers up). Once we had to have NOC intervene.
They ran a loopback test on the interface, and when they went back
into normal mode, things were fine. I believe the other site that
is seeing these problems is also using a pair of ECU's, and that
the general symptoms are similar. Is anyone else seeing a related

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