What's the "best" TCP/IP throughput?

John Carter (titan!retrac@rice.edu)
25 Oct 87 17:59:01 GMT

    I'm a fairly new reader of this newsgroup, so I apologize if this has
already been discussed. I would like to know what the best performance
figures are for large memory to memory transfers using TCP-IP. More
specifically, what are the fastest reported average transfer times for
transferring 10 Mbytes over a 10 Mbit/sec ethernet? (or) What is the
highest reported throughput of DATA across a 10 Mbit/sec ethernet using

    Def.: Memory to memory above means, the client generates the data
           out of thin air and the server puts them all in one buffer
           (the "best case" situation). I'm interested in raw transfer
           rates and the cost of TCP-IP overhead on performance.

    I have seen performance figures for van Jacobson's modifications to
Berkeley 4.3 TCP-IP which gave measurements of 23.3 secs for 10 MB over
a 10 Mbit/sec ethernet (effective throughput of 3.4 Mbit/sec). Are there
any better?

John Carter
Dept. of Computer Science, Rice University

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