Re: A handful of 802.X questions

Bill Melohn (melohn@Sun.COM)
Sun, 25 Oct 87 12:12:53 PST

>1. Is any network anywhere using 802.2 over 802.3? Does anyone
>running a large Inter-Ethernet have any plans to move to 802.2 over

You can run TCP/IP using SNAP encapsulation over both 802.3 and 802.4
using the Sunlink OSI software. Even though the 802.3 and Ethernet
networks share the same hardware interface, they have to be separate
IP networks using the Sun as a gateway. This is of limited utility
between hosts that understand Ethernet today; however in the future it
is possible that such a gateway capability will be necessary for
talking between implementations which only do Ethernet and those who
only do 802.2/802.3, or 802.2 LLC bridges between different 802.X

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