Re: problems with IMP connection hanging

Rob Liebschutz (
Sat, 24 Oct 87 22:36:07 PDT

We are also having a problem with our PSN connection that began
immediately after the PSN upgrade.

Configuration: LSI 11/23 core gateway with 1822 interface and ACC
        Robustness card (for booting via Arpanet from the NOC)
        Connected to PSN 32 with ECUs.

The symptoms are that the ECU RFNB light goes out on the local ECU
(gateway end) and the gateway says that the interface is down. If the
gateway crashes (which it has done several times since the upgrade),
it can't be loaded. The last time this happened, we were able to get
things working again, when the NOC looped back the interface,
downloaded the gateway, and then looped back the interface again. The
second loopback is necessary because the interface goes down right
after the gateway comes up. Resetting the local ECU does not help.

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