PS/2 Model 80 network <19K memory

Jim Anderson (dayton!ems!rosevax!aob!
24 Oct 87 05:21:58 GMT

I found out tonight that I need to specify a network to connect several
(2-20) IBM PS/2 Model 80 machines together. The computers will be running
MS-DOS 3.3, along with a large CAD/CAM program. The upshot of this
configuration is that there is less than 19K left in memory for a network
driver. I am told that Novell needs 39K. At this time, price is not an
over-riding concern - getting something (anything reasonable speed) that
will work is needed. Currently, there is no existing network to link to,
although a XENIX/UNIX fileserver running TCP/IP could be made available.
This fileserver would be an Altos series 2000 80386 based machine running
XENIX V. As far as I know, it would have an Excelan board in the Altos.
I have not had any experience with TCP/IP, nor have I had any experience
with PC networks.

Now for the crunch. The people need to know by 9:30 Monday morning if it
can be done, and if so, approximate dollars so it can be submitted in a
budget. Because of this, I need advice/information ASAP! Thank you in
advance for any help or pointers you may be able to give me.

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