how do I setup a unique address for our system?

Ed Wilkinson (munnari!!
23 Oct 87 00:56:15 GMT

We're trying to setup some sort of tcp-based network and would
like to read some documents detailing how to chose a tcp address.
i.e. the 4 number string. Could someone please point me towards
an article/paper which describes how to chose such a network ad-
dress? We've got a Vax 750 running (soon) Ultrix 2.0 & are trying
to connect a VMS machine using their tcp package. Later we hope
to add some Suns to this network.

Any references or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in

Ed Wilkinson ...!uunet!vuwcomp!edward or

Ed Wilkinson	 ...!uunet!vuwcomp!edward   or

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