Null TCP/SLIP msg and list-servers

Mike Little (little@MACOM4.ARPA)
Fri, 23 Oct 87 09:51:28 EDT

I don't know what's wrong, but several people have been telling me they've
received multiple copies of my null message. The message was sent because
the launch button is right next to the kill button (a case in point for
user interface designers and missile operators). Only one copy was sent
from here as far as I can tell (I only got one copy back). An interesting
note about the TCP/IP list is that it takes many hours to service a single
message, the null message having about six hours turnaround to myself. I
have noticed delivery in excess of ten hours from origination. Made me
wonder if the list is serviced singly, top to bottom. Would a divide-and-
conquer technique work here (multiple mail-list machines working on divided
parts of the whole list) or is this really a CPU bound situation?
P.S. I do appreciate the few people who have sent me replies giving
        me a heads up on the empty message - thanks.

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