A handful of 802.X questions

Bob Morgan (navajo!morgan@labrea.stanford.edu)
23 Oct 87 03:23:01 GMT

In the wake of the IP-over-802 draft RFC, I'd like to ask a few

1. Is any network anywhere using 802.2 over 802.3? Does anyone
running a large Inter-Ethernet have any plans to move to 802.2 over

2. Is there any published justification for the use of source routing
in IBM's bridging of token-rings, given its apparent violation of the
network/logical-link/MAC layering principles? Can anyone anywhere
defend it?

3. Is anyone anywhere doing MAC-level interconnection of token-ring
and Ethernet/802.3 networks?

4. Has the 802.1 committee published anything about what it is up to?

5. Is SNAP an official part of 802.2? Is there anything written down
about it anywhere? It's not in my copy of 802.2.

I've got lots more, but those will do for now.

In wonderment,

- RL "Bob" Morgan
  Networking Systems
  Stanford University

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