ethernet chips

Drew Daniel Perkins (
Thu, 22 Oct 87 10:00:54 -0400 (EDT)

I'm endeavoring to build a high speed ethernet interface, and I need to
decide which chip set to use. I'm sure lot's of people out there have
opinions on which is currently the best. If you've had any experiences with
some of the current chips, please comment. I will summarize to tcp-ip if I
get any responses. The ships that I can think of off the to of my head are
the Intel 82586, AMD LANCE, Seeq, Fujitsu, Western Digital (?) and Nation
Semiconductor. The attributes that I am looking for are:
1. High bandwidth. Able to handle full 10Mb speed or atleast VERY close to
it, like 9Mb maybe.
2. Low latency. If I tell it to send a packet, it should be transmitted
3. Low host software overhead. Host shouldn't have to deal with collisions,
4. Low relative memory bandwidth utilization, i.e. shouldn't make many
references to host memory other than actual packet data.
5. Good multicast support. Host shouldn't have to look at every multicast
packet if it wants just a few.


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