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I'll appreciate very much if somebody could point me to references
(RFCs, conference papers, journal papers, tech reports, etc) which
support the following observations:
(Of course, these observation were made on this bboard in some or the
other context, but I was not able to keep track of references.)

1. Network protocols, such as TCP/IP are integrated in operating
   systems in such way that the maximum achievable throughput out of these
   protocols is less than 1 Mb/sec. In other words, even in a loopback
   situation, the maximum throughput is limited to a number like 1

2. Given a very high speed communication subnetwork (of the order of
   100 Mb/sec) and applications which can use such high bandwidths, it is
   not clear if TCP/IP architecture would be appropriate for such an

3. How much of "less than optimistic" performance of today's INTERNET
   can be attributed to the fact that it has

     a. links which still operate at low speeds, such as 9600 baud
     b. multiply connected subnetworks


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