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19 Oct 87 20:36:03 GMT

In article <8710140650.AA03966@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> dan@WILMA.BBN.COM writes:
>Sending over integral numbers of lines was just right, since that's
>what your local editor wants to deal with anyway. It also means you can
>easily handle having two different representations for "lines"
>(records vs. streams, crlf vs. lf, etc.) on the two machines. Also,
>if the backend "editor" can mark the beginning and end of each region
>sent to the local micro in a way which does not change as lines are
>added or deleted outside each region (which ed had), then you can
>trivially have independent windows on the same file at the same time
>with virtually no local "intelligence".

I spend a lot of time each day using an HP terminal tied into an HP3000
system dealing with HP's corporate mail system. The editor in the mail
system works in a very similar fashion, but I find it nearly unbearable.

I guess it depends on what you are used to, but using terminal-level
intelligence to edit portions of files/messages is a problem, particularly
when you want to clip and yank hunks of text that cross the boundaries of
what you have in the local terminal. In particular, all of the systems I've
used of this type require contortions to insert a large hunk of text in the
middle of a file/message.

The system described (using ed commands and a smart terminal) is a neat trick,
but I'd like to see us avoid designing a protocol based on that model.

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