Re: supdup protocol and local editing

Richard E. Brown (decvax!dartvax!richb@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
19 Oct 87 14:18:28 GMT

At Dartmouth, we have been using just such a front/back end
editing scheme for 5 years. The initial implementation was a
Z-80 box with 32K RAM and 24K ROM which acted as a screen manager
for a simple terminal and talked to a back-end editor on a host.
This setup did two things: a) it provided "scrollback" of the last n
lines of your session (limited by the 32K RAM), and b) cached a
copy of the hosts file, to provide local editing. Editing
changes were shipped back to the host, line-by-line. We had
several hundred around campus, with good results.

We now have a Macintosh version which uses the same back end
editor (now implemented on Unix, VAX/VMS, and DCTS, with VM/CMS
to come). The Mac provides much more scrollback, and places the
screen editing text in a separate window. It uses the standard
Macintosh cut-copy-paste paradigms.

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