Re: Ethernet - Hyperchannel Gateway

Melinda Shore (shore@morgul.PSC.EDU)
Mon, 19 Oct 87 11:05:26 edt

> There was a bit of harshness at NSC in that previous message, they
> are trying, its just that IP is a relatively new technology
> to them.

I'm not sure which previous message you're referring to. It's quite
possible that it's mine. I'm not annoyed with them because they haven't
been supporting IP, I'm annoyed with them because our support from them
has been such a problem. We've wasted a lot of time because, when given
a description of what we're trying to do, they've come up with incorrect
configurations and sold us the wrong stuff. Also, this list is the
first place I've heard of their Hyperchannel/Ethernet bridges, and we
had a meeting with some of their very highly placed marketing and
technical people (V.P.s, etc) to discuss their future products and
directions, and they never mentioned them. We've had other problems
with them as well, but that's another story ...

Melinda Shore
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

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