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15 Oct 87 14:14:17 GMT

In article <In article <1822@celtics.UUCP> In article <1822@celtics.UUCP> roger@celtics.UUCP (Roger B.A. Klorese) writes:
>Does anyone know of a product providing an Ethernet-to-Hyperchannel
>gateway? I'm looking for a "black box" to sit on an ethernet and
>pass TCP-IP and its friends in both directions.

We just met with a Network Systems Corp. salesman this week, and NSC themselves
now have Hyperchannel-Ethernet bridges. Here's a short description of some

        EN601: Bridges Ethernets over HYPERchannel-10(r) (10 Mbps media)

        EN602: Bridges Ethernets over HYPERchannel(r) telecommunication links
                (up to 2 Mbps)

        EN603: Bridges Ethernets over HYPERchannel-50(r) (50 Mbps)

        EN641: The IP Router EN641 from Network Systems(r) provides a
                gateway between Ethernet networks and HYPERchannel(r)
                networks. This gateway creates an internet, or backbone,
                among local workstation networks and high-performance
                mainframes attached to HYPERchannel(r).

HYPERchannel is a registered trademark of Network Systems Corporation.


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