Re: Ethernet - Hyperchannel Gateway

John Lekashman (
Fri, 16 Oct 87 08:32:46 PDT

This box is done by NSC from scratch. You will get a real evaluation
of it in a couple of months after we get one. Its scheduled to
arrive in a finite number of weeks, (like 3 from now) here.

As to ether-hyper gateways, one is still stuck with using
either a sun or a vax. Some folks at Pittsburgh
(Melinda Shore at PSC if you missed the last message) are busy
doing it for a microvax.

There was a bit of harshness at NSC in that previous message, they
are trying, its just that IP is a relatively new technology
to them. After all, they're coming out of the IBM mainframe
device connect area. They have expressed to me a commitment to
really follow through on IP support. Anyone who has worked in
the commercial world knows that it takes some period of time
to come out with new products. We received this
commitment about eleven months ago. I think that this is fairly
fast response, especially on something like new hardware.


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