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>Does anyone know of a product providing an Ethernet-to-Hyperchannel
>gateway? I'm looking for a "black box" to sit on an ethernet and
>pass TCP-IP and its friends in both directions.

No offense, but ha, ha, ha. We're in the same position, since we
need to run TCP/IP on our Cray and we get to the machine through the
Hyperchannel, and the whole thing has been pretty aggravating. Don't
bother talking with NSC, they don't even have their IP-able driver
in alpha-test yet.

It turns out that most of the people in the world who do this use a
Sun. John Lekashman at NASA-Ames has modified 4.3 if_hy.c so that
actually works on a macro-Vax (Unibus), and I've almost finished
hacking that up to work on with a PI12 on a microVax. John's driver is
available for anonymous ftp from Contact me if you want
the microVax version.

As far as I know, nobody has come up with any kind of standalone

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