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14 Oct 87 13:28:41 GMT

In article <8710121554.AA07611@armagnac.DEC.COM> "Christopher A. Kent" <> writes:
>Some work was done a number of years ago (I can't find a reference, but
>it was at Arizona) to investigate how to use a micro to do editing
>across a 1200 baud link.

I think that I have the references you are talking about; they were written
by Christopher W. Fraser of The University of Arizona and others. They are:

C.W. Fraser,"A Generalized Text Editor", Communications of the ACM, March
1980, Volume 23, Number 3.

C.W. Fraser, "A Compact, Portable CRT-based Text editor", Software-Practice
and Experience, Vol. 9, 121-125 (1979).

Cary A. Coutant and C.W. Fraser, "A Device for Display Terminals",
Software-Practice and Experience, Vol. 10, 183-187 (1980).

And a report from their department:

TR 79-7a, C.W. Fraser, "The Display Editor S"

They concluded that the links available at the time UUCP 1200 baud dialups
were to slow and error prone for effective use. Got a copy of the software
from them on a ratfor distribution tape. They may still have it available
for copying from their archives. [I hope so because that tape has vanished
over the years.]


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