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Ken Pogran (
Wed, 14 Oct 87 13:45:43 EDT


C/30Es in the ARPANET and MILNET have 256KW (1/2 Megabyte) of
memory. C/300s, just beginning to be introduced at particularly
"busy" nodes, have twice that. It's certainly a far cry from the
"old days" of Honeywell 516s and 316s; then again, there's a lot
more functionality in PSNs these days, and each PSN typically
serves a larger number of host interfaces than in the past.

By the way, I second Lars Poulsen's comment about "REALLY looking
forward to the new End-to-End module" alleviating some of the
X.25 performance problems that have been seen. In PSN 7.0,
interoperability between X.25-connected and 1822-connected hosts
is "built in" rather than "grafted on," and we should see a good
bit of improvement. Nothing that can, in and of itself, make it
seem like the network has infinitely more transmission resources,
but ...

Finally, everyone should understand that all of the changes and
improvements, to both the network and its hosts, are being
introduced into an environment of ever-increasing traffic and
numbers of gateways. So, when changes are made and they settle
down after initial problems are corrected, etc., we must
remember in making "before" and "after" performance
comparisons that the load being imposed upon the network is
higher "after" than it was "before"!

Ken Pogran

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