Re: TCP performance limitations

Ian H. Merritt (csustan!csun!psivax!nrcvax!ihm@LLL-WINKEN.ARPA)
8 Oct 87 16:05:47 GMT

>There is a fourth way that we (Symbolics) have done which you did not
>(a) Pick a compile-time unrolling factor, usually a power of 2, say 16 = 2^4.
>(b) Divide the data length by the unrolling factor, obtaining a quotient
> and remainder. When the unrolling factor is a power of two, the
> quotient is a shift and the remainder is a logical AND.
>(c) Write a unrolled loop whose length is the unrolling factor. Execute
> this loop <quotient> times.
>(d) Write an un-unrolled loop (whose length is therefore 1). Execute
> this loop <remainder> times.

Or if you have memory to burn (which is fast becoming a common
condition), just unroll the loop for the maximum condition and branch
into it at the appropriate point to process the length of the actual

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